The construction department of Taisei Kanko Company (former Hotel Okura) was established to develop Hotel Okura Project (recently Hotel Okura Tokyo) in Tokyo.
After Hotel Okura opened in 1962, the construction department has been changed its name to the “business development department” to enhance the project of Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, Jakarta, Guam and Shanghai as well as the major cities within Japan.

The “business development department” has conducted to experience consistently such as interior design proposal, procurement of interior materials and product FF&E items from the hotel or cruise ship industries.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. had offered Hotel Okura to participate the construction project of the luxury cruise ship (Diamond – Princess and Sapphire – Princess).
Hotel Okura purchased and offered FF&E trading items, carpet, clothes and artwork from various global companies, manufacturers and artist of the world.


Established a subsidiary company namely “HOSS” under the Hotel Okura based on the global experiences and knowledge from the developed Hotel Okura several projects and the interior construction of luxury cruise ship in April, 2002.
The “HOSS” is continuing to contribute which is related hotel and cruise ship industries through procurement, purchases and interior construction.


東京ステーションホテル様 家具製作・納品
The Tokyo Station Hotel: FF&E Product & Construction.


ホテルオークラ東京様 本館改修工事に伴う別館への店舗移設工事支援
Hotel Okura Tokyo: Outlet relocation assistance from main building to south wing.
ホテルオークラアムステルダム様 日本料理「山里」 家具製作、納品
Hotel Okura Amsterdam: Japanese Restaurant “Yamazato” FF&E Product & Construction.


ホテルオークラ神戸様 客室・レストラン 家具製作、納品
Hotel Okura Kobe: Rooms & Restaurants FF&E Product & Construction.
ホテル日航大阪様 客室・日本料理「弁慶」 家具製作、納品
Hotel Nikko Osaka: Rooms & Japanese Restaurant “Benkay” FF&E Product & Construction.
大型客船1番船「Aida Prima」様 家具・資材調達、納品
The first cruise ship “Aida Prima”: FF&E Product & Construction.


大型客船2番船「Aida Perla」様 家具・資材調達、納品
The second cruise ship “Aida Perla”: FF&E Product & Construction.
グランドニッコー東京 台場様 客室・レストラン 家具製作、納品
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba: Rooms & Restaurants FF&E Product & Construction.